Dedektör'ler Hakkında Detaylı Bilgi Sahibi Olabilirsiniz..Conrad Gpr Cihazlarının Fiyatlarını Öğrenebilirsiniz..

trakya dedektör About Us Thrace detector, metal detector in our country, researchers and users of groundwater was established to meet all the needs and requirements. Produced in different countries of today's best, most advanced technology and offers a taste of our valued customers the most advanced detectors. The detector technology, which closely follows the developments and innovations in the world, all of Thrace detector, pulse induction, VLF, magnetic sensor, such as Field Screening and GPR produced with the most advanced technology systems, 3D graphics, video, and the separation of different brands and models of metal detectors at the same time with the world , Turkey offers a market. Thrace Detector, Metal Detector Store, stocks a wide range of products, technologies in the most competitive prices to sell the highest policy, prepared in accordance with the most difficult field conditions, opportunities for private test track, after-sales service guarantee aims at leadership in the sector, and soon come to the fore. Policy The detector industry, primarily on customer satisfaction, working with the philosophy of 100% with the concept of quality, performance, and impeccable service in a fast, accurate, reliable and continuous to continue developing solutions. Technical Service We sell and import of all brands and models are backed by the detector detectors Thrace. Thrace detector, the detector chooses to make the sale of brands and models of commitment and diligence, after sales, experienced and qualified staff by offering a quick and appropriate solutions, technical service continues.

Dedektör Fiyatları Hakkında Detaylı Bilgi Sahibi Olabilirsiniz..Bunu İçin Sitemize Giriş Yapınız..minelab dedektör, lorenz dedektör, adrenalin dedektör cihazlarına sitemize giriş yaparak sahip olabilirsiniz..

Özgür KARAGÖZ Define

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3D Pinpointer
14,800 TL
Conrad Pro 800
9,550 TL
Conrad Pro 900
12,350 TL
Conrad x-3 Ultra
15,200 TL
Dominator Pro
64,000 TL
15,342 TL
GPA 1000
26,232 TL
30,000 TL
Multi Sensor Pro Art
12,950 TL
Okm Cavefinder
7,774 TL
Okm Evolution
10,739 TL
OKM eXp 4000
25,319 TL
Okm eXp 5000
39,639 TL
Okm Future I-160
56,637 TL
Okm GrailFinder
20,150 TL
Okm Rover C
15,597 TL
Okm Rover C II
20,969 TL
Okm Rover Deluxe
20,201 TL
Tecno x5
23,750 TL
USA Discovery System
40,224 TL
USA Imager System
53,390 TL
USA Multi Sensor 3D
16,790 TL
USA Runabout System
21,881 TL
XL16 Imager Pro
81,600 TL
Bionic 01
22,630 TL
Bionic x4
24,293 TL
Conrad Alan Tarama
3,800 TL
807 TL
1,295 TL
Gold Shine
600 TL
Gold Spectra
3,390 TL
13,475 TL
Model 20
1,513 TL
Model 301
4,725 TL
OKM FS-Thermoscan
9,530 TL
Omnitron Pro-4
5,314 TL
2,000 TL
4,359 TL
3,255 TL
Relic Hunter
1,198 TL
Simmons PMR
2,870 TL
Simmons PMR II
4,146 TL
Simmons Pmr III
5,848 TL
Simmons UAR
2,126 TL
System B
1,085 TL
5,512 TL
1,260 TL
4,725 TL
1,732 TL
2,362 TL
3,780 TL
4,252 TL
9,968 TL
Fisher gemini 3
1,980 TL
Gold Scan
9,124 TL
Golden Mask Pulse
3,650 TL
Lorenz deepmax x5
8,900 TL
Lorenz deepmax x6
15,032 TL
Minelab gpx 4500
9,101 TL
Minelab gpx 4800
9,751 TL
Minelab gpx 5000
10,835 TL
Pulse Star
4,929 TL
STINGER 2 Dedektör
3,500 TL
Tm 808
2,150 TL
 Tesoro Cibola
1,487 TL
Adrenalin Dedektör
1,650 TL
585 TL
Coinmaster Pro
675 TL
DFX 300
2,205 TL
DFX 300 Derin Set
2,723 TL
Fisher 1270-x
1,578 TL
Fisher 1280-x
1,795 TL
Fisher CZ-3D
2,165 TL
Fisher F4
819 TL
Fisher F5
992 TL
Fisher F75
2,073 TL
Fisher Gold Bug
1,163 TL
Fisher Gold Bug  2
2,044 TL
G2 Dedektör
2,060 TL
GAMMA 6000 Dedektör
1,083 TL
Garrett ace 150
615 TL
Garrett ace 250
852 TL
Garrett at gold
2,126 TL
Garrett at pro
1,702 TL
Garrett euro 350
1,123 TL
Garrett gti 2500
2,694 TL
1,890 TL
Golden Mask 1+
912 TL
Golden Mask 3
1,186 TL
Golden Mask 3+
1,551 TL
Golden Mask 4
1,460 TL
Matrix m6
1,395 TL
Matrix M6 Derin Set
1,913 TL
Minelab CTX 3030
4,767 TL
Minelab e trac
3,901 TL
Minelab eureka gold
2,057 TL
Minelab excalibur 2
3,250 TL
Minelab safari
2,600 TL
Minelab sovereign gt
2,167 TL
Minelab x terra 305
1,191 TL
Minelab x terra 505
1,407 TL
Minelab x terra 705
1,734 TL
1,845 TL
MXT Pro Derin Set
2,363 TL
NRG 150 Dedektör
1,350 TL
Prizm 5g
945 TL
Prizm 5G Derin Set
1,215 TL
Prizm 6t
1,170 TL
Prizm 6T Derin Set
1,440 TL
Pulse scan TDİ
2,790 TL
Spectra v3i
3,375 TL
Spectra v3i Derin Set
3,893 TL
Spectra VX3
2,100 TL
Spectra vx3 Derin Set
2,620 TL
T2 Dedektör
1,843 TL
Tesoro Compadre
956 TL
Tesoro Cortes
2,444 TL
Tesoro Deleon
1,913 TL
Tesoro Golden U Max
1,700 TL
Tesoro Silver U Max
1,168 TL
Tesoro Tejon
2,126 TL
Tesoro Vaquero
1,700 TL
Xp Adventis 2
1,407 TL
Xp Adx 150
1,182 TL
Xp Deus
3,467 TL
Xp Gmaxx 2
2,167 TL
Xp Gold Maxx Power
2,491 TL
Field Sniffer
1,750 TL
4,000 TL
5,500 TL
Nokta Dedektörlerde %10 İndirim
7,000 TL
Golden Sense
2,100 TL
1,450 TL
Jeosonar 2D
3,100 TL
Jeosonar 3D
3,800 TL
1,450 TL
5,000 TL
Maksel Orion MX-9005i
2,000 TL
Sismik TS-K9
3,475 TL
Sismik TS44
1,975 TL
Sismik TS45 X
2,800 TL
Uğur Arex UE 15
1,600 TL
Uğur Arex UE 16
1,950 TL
Uğur Arex UE 17
2,450 TL
Uğur Euro Gold
1,350 TL
Uğur Nova
900 TL
Uğur PLR 601 RA
500 TL
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